Tokyo&#039s Kantō Space Crowns This Yr&#039s Best Substantial Faculty Boy and Girl

In some way, this past weekend marked the 3rd annual Kantō Substantial Faculty Mr. Contest 2015, an celebration at the “Uniform Substantial Faculty Graduation Get together 2015 Supported by Samurai ELO” to crown the hottest substantial college boy in the Kantō location. About one,two hundred participated, with 8 finalists competing for the title, and the possibility to surface in Samurai ELO style magazine.

The Grand Prix winner was Hiroki Sasamori.

Runner-up was Katsuhiko Motoyama, who mentioned he was surprised, but wants to “explain to every person.”

And at last, Special Jury Award winner Ryota Maruyama.

And sure, there is a girls’ variation. Grand Prix winner of Kantō Substantial Faculty Pass up Contest 2015, out of over one,five hundred candidates, was “Noenyan.”

Runner-up was Mion Abe, who mentioned her mystery for staying “lovable” was to stay energetic, like strolling to college from a more train station than the one particular closest campus.

The finalists: