Ladies &amp Panzer Voice Actress Ikumi Nakagami Announces Pregnancy

Voice actress Ikumi Nakagami declared on her weblog on Tuesday that she is currently pregnant.

She noted that she was approaching her fourth marriage ceremony anniversary, and that she experienced preferred a child ever given that she obtained married, but she was cast as Yukari Akiyama in Ladies und Panzer pretty quickly soon after her marriage ceremony, and chose to prioritize her operate at that position. She also noted that several people today in her workplace as properly as her supervisor are encouraging her, and that she will choose a split from her job starting off on July, but hopes to return all over again soon after she has offered delivery.

Nakagami performed the character of tank expert Yukari Akiyama in the 2012 Ladies und Panzer Television set anime, as properly as its OAV and approaching motion picture. She also performed the character whilst narrating a business for the Brad Pitt movie Fury. She also performed the character of Io Mizusawa in the White Album 2 Television set anime, and Kekio Totsugawa/Pink Pretty Doom in Futari wa Milky Holmes.

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Awesome Japan Fund Invests In Kadokawa&#039s Content Creator Improvement Tasks

Enables Kadokawa to broaden training initiatives in Asia, Europe, Australia

Awesome Japan Fund Inc. explained on Monday that it will make investments up to 450 million yen (about US $ million) in Kadokawa Corporation‘s initiatives to produce information creators for anime and manga outside Japan.

Kadokawa by now operates a school for manga and anime artists in Taiwan, alongside with a a card sport illustration course in a polytechnic school in Singapore.

Awesome Japan Fund Inc. said that the expense will allow Kadokawa Contents Academy Co. to broaden in ten other marketplaces, focused predominantly in Asia, but also in Europe and Australia. The fund explained that Kadokawa will open schools in Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and China by 2017, and aims to create five,000 graduates by 2020. Lively Japanese creators will teach information manufacturing, and will do the job to broaden a enthusiast foundation with a deep knowing of Japanese information.

Bookstore operator Kinokuniya Co., and staffing company Pasona Inc. will also make investments in Kadokawa’s training and information creator advancement initiatives, in individual with an e-understanding application that will launch later on this calendar year.

Awesome Japan Fund Inc. by now invested fourteen billion yen (US$128 million) in four overseas initiatives focused on increasing demand from customers for Japanese goods and merchandise past Oct. The enterprise secured one.five billion yen (US$ million) from the government make investments fund over the up coming three several years to do the job with Japanese providers to “progress into overseas marketplaces.” The enterprise also programs to use the money to broaden its e-commerce industry, retain the services of new engineers, enhance cellular guidance, build a lot more overseas distribution facilities, and apply new advertising and marketing strategies.

“Awesome Japan” is a application supported by the Japanese government and several providers that promotes fashionable Japanese culture this sort of as anime and manga abroad. The application revolves about the premise that Japan’s power in organization and worldwide affairs lies in anime, manga, movies, manner, and other fields of Japanese arts and leisure information.

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Bandai Namco Opens Legal rights to Pac-Person, &#03980s Activity Homes

Other providers can use IP from Xevious, Galaxian, Druaga, 14 other titles

Japanese economic news source Nikkei reported on Tuesday that Bandai Namco Video games is opening up the rights to 17 of their older online video game houses. By producing the rights offered for use, the organization hopes to revive fascination in the houses.

Bandai Namco is making it possible for entry to the pursuing houses:

  • Pac-Person
  • Xevious
  • Galaxian
  • The Tower of Druaga
  • Tower of Babel
  • Dragon Buster
  • Marvel Momo
  • Galaga
  • Battle City
  • Valkyrie no Bōken (The Experience of Valkyrie)
  • Yōkai Dōchūki (Shadow Land)
  • Wagan Land
  • Dig Dug
  • Star Luster
  • Sky Child
  • Genpei Tōma Den

The video games came from Namco all through the eighties for arcades. A lot of of the video games have been remade for a variety of consoles and platforms about the many years.

Bandai Namco Video games will freely allow the use of figures, audio, and stories from the video games, together with modifying the first character models or story, even if it would classify as a derivative function.

Builders and game providers will be required to sign-up with Bandai Namco Video games and apply for the use of the houses in advance of beginning development, but the organization plans to approve all programs on theory except the game consists of offensive content material. Bandai Namco Video games will start getting programs in April. Even though programs will be limited to Japanese game providers at very first, Bandai Namco Video games will take into consideration providing programs to overseas and person builders.

Bandai Namco Video games will obtain a modest share of income for providers who apply to use the mental property to create a paid out game. The organization is also scheduling an promotion plan for builders producing totally free video games, with Bandai Namco also receiving a modest share of advertisement profits.

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan Faces A Colossal Titan in A Practice Station Billboard

An interesting billboard has popped up at JR Shinkuku Station in Tokyo. It attributes the lead character of The Heroic Legend of Arslan, the Tv set anime adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa‘s manga, primarily based on Yoshiki Tanaka‘s novels. Behind him are 258,000 soldiers from Lusitania, as perfectly as 138,000 soldiers from Pars. But search even nearer and you will see some far more acquainted faces:

To the left is a Colossal Titan. And supposedly, if you search closely at the impression, there are even a couple of Study Corps members scattered into the crowd.

While the collaboration appears peculiar, both Assault on Titan and The Heroic Legend of Arslan are serialized in Kodansha‘s Bessatsu Shōnen Journal.

Listed here are the other Arslan ads opposite the extensive a single previously mentioned:

A shut-up of the Titan:

By the way, The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime is using in excess of the timeslot previously occupied by The 7 Lethal Sins anime. So, it really is only correct that the anime end with crossover art from Arakawa:

The anime will premiere on Sunday, April 5 at 5:00 p.m. in Japan.

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Mazinkaiser SKL&#039s Kawagoe Helms Cyborg 009&#039s New 50th Anniversary Anime

The official site of the late manga creator Shotaro Ishinomori announced on Tuesday that director Jun Kawagoe is helming a new Cyborg 009 anime undertaking. The undertaking celebrates the 50th anniversary considering that Ishinomori’s authentic Cyborg 009 manga was 1st serialized in 1964. The site also disclosed a visual for the undertaking.

Jun Kawagoe formerly directed the fifty two-episode Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier tv anime sequence, which began in 2001 and ended in 2002. Ishinomori’s official site teases:

“2015. The battles of the 00-numbered cyborgs will keep on.”

Ishinomori 1st introduced the Cyborg 009 manga in the Weekly Shonen King magazine in 1964, and the sequence remained unfinished due to his loss of life in 1998. A few Cyborg 009 tv anime sequence adapting his manga premiered in 1968, 1979, and 2001. Four theatrical anime film adaptations also debuted in 1966, 1967, 1980, and 2012. Kenji Kamiyama directed the most current film in the franchise, 009 Re:Cyborg, in 2012. Mamoru Oshii also directed his personal 3D brief of Cyborg 009 in 2010 with sponsor Panasonic.


Aisawa Riku Manga Wins 19th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize&#039s Best Award

Asahi Shimbun declared the winners for the 19th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize awards on Tuesday.

Grand Prize

Aisawa Riku

Yoiko Hoshi

Riku is a fourteen-year-old center university student who can convert on bogus tears like a faucet.

New Creator Prize

A Silent Voice
Yoshitoki Ōima

Younger boy Jōya Ishida has the motto of “Shiny! Fun! Adventures!” He fulfills a deaf woman named Shōko Nishimiya. Their assembly improvements the classroom, the university, and Jōya’s whole daily life.

Quick Get the job done Prize

Sensha Yoshida

The judging committee made a decision to give this award to Yoshida not for any certain operate but for all his works as a complete, from his absurd gag series to his childcare diary series. The committee cited his attribute sense of humor as a explanation for selecting him for the award. The graphic at still left is the fourth volume of Yoshida’s Okayu Neko manga.

Particular Prize

Chikako Mitsuhashi
Chiisana Koi no Monogatari

Mitsuhashi launched the four-panel adore tale series in 1962, and she finished the series in its forty third volume final year immediately after fifty two years of serialization.

This year’s nominating committee — which includes novelist Atsuko Asano, manga creator Machiko Satonaka, university professor Shōhei Chūjō, manga editor Haruyuki Nakano, columnist Bourbon Kobayashi, manga commentator Shinbo Nobunaga, manga creator and researcher Tarō Minamoto, and manga researcher Tomoko Yamada — picked the nominees and winners from amid the works that were published from January to December 2014.

Last year, the judging committee nominated ten titles, and March comes in like a lion received the Grand Prize. Chūya Koyama‘s Area Brothers received the reader prize from amid twenty nominees.

The newspaper awards a two-million-yen (about US$twenty,000) Manga Grand Prize along with a statuette of Tezuka’s Mighty Atom (Astro Boy) character. In addition, one million yen (US$ten,000) goes to each of the winners of the New Creator Prize, Quick Get the job done Prize, and the Particular Prize just about every year. The true awards presentation ceremony will just take spot on May possibly 22.

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Funimation Licenses Studio Set off&#039s Ninja Slayer Anime Sequence

FUNimation Enjoyment introduced on Monday that it has acquired the streaming and household video legal rights to Ninja Slayer From Animation, the tv anime adaptation of the Ninja Slayer novel series. Funimation will announce the simulcast start date and time at a later date.

Funimation describes the story:

Ninjas. Karate. Sushi. The dystopian cyber underworld of Neo-Saitama is dominated from the shadows by an intricate web of medications, yakuza gangs, and evil syndicate ninjas wielding fearsome “karate.” In a sea of the blood of his enemies, a lone maverick stands. NINJA SLAYER is a ninja who kills other ninjas in the title of ninja vengeance. A previous salaryman whose household was killed by evil ninjas, Ninja Slayer cheats demise and casts absent his previous to embrace the dark, mystical NINJA SOUL, a mysterious spirit that grants him great ability in his quest for revenge. But will this bloodthirsty spirit consume Ninja Slayer in advance of his enemies are all “dead on departure?” Domo. I’m Ninja Slayer.

The anime will star:

Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ninja Slayer

Sho Hayami as Dim Ninja

Masane Tsukayama as Laomoto Khan

Chiwa Saito as Nancy Lee
Sora Amamiya as Koki Yamoto
Risa Taneda as Dragon Yukano
Tesshô Genda as Clone Yakuza
Goblin as the Narrator

The cast customers are reprising their roles from the novels’ audio drama adaptation.

The anime series will premiere on the Japanese streaming internet site Niconico on April sixteen at 11:00 p.m. JST. The series is slated to air on tv in Japan in 2016.

The anime will stream in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Eire, South The usa, Latin The usa, Australia, New Zealand, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Northern Europe, South Korea, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. (The anime’s internet site lists some regions twice.) The system or platforms for overseas streaming has yet to been introduced.

The series will also be readily available online in Japan through Niconico Stay Ginza, D Anime Retail outlet, Anime Move, GyaO, Hikari Television set,, the PlayStation Retail outlet, Bandai Channel, Rakuten ShowTime, and Movie Market place.

The internet site uncovered an up-to-date workers record earlier this month:

Sequence Director, Sequence Composition: Akira Amemiya
Scripts: Yū Satō
Character Structure: Hiroyuki Imaishi, Yusuke Yoshigaki, illustrators saitom, Serere Inato, and Shinjiro
Artwork Director: Akira Katsuta, Younger-jae Lee (QREAZY)
Coloration Crucial: Akemi Nagao (Desire)
Director of Images: Kentaro Kashiwagi (Asura Film)
Tunes: Shinichi Osawa, Kenji Fujisawa (Workforce-MAX)
Tunes Production: Starchild Data
Sound Director: Yuki Satofumi
Sound Production: grooove
Animation Production: Set off
Production: Ninja Committee

Increase Increase Satellites is doing the principal concept tune “Again in Black.” The rock band Boris will execute the very first episode’s ending concept tune “Kilmister.”

The story was originally posted piecemeal on Twitter by Japanese “translators” Yu Honda and Leika Sugi, allegedly translating the get the job done of American authors “Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez.” Just after the story grew in recognition, Enterbrain revealed the very first Japanese-translated quantity in print, Ninja Slayer: Neo Saitama in Flames, in September 2012. The story then influenced comedian adaptations from Enterbrain and Kodansha (such as Kōtarō Sekine’s Ninja Slayer Kills in Shōnen Sirius), as perfectly as an audio drama with Toshiyuki Morikawa as the title character.

Tokyo Otaku Mode is publishing equally the primary novels and Yogo Yuki’s Ninja Slayer: Equipment of Vengeance manga adaptation online for free of charge. Vertical Comics will also be publishing the manga in print.

MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey&#039s Often Been A Large Dragon Ball Z Supporter

The anime local community has been in a little bit of a tizzy at any time because MMA fighter, Olympian, actress, and author Ronda Rousey confirmed up to Wrestlemania with The Rock and absolutely dominated, all although rocking a Dragon Ball Z “It truly is Above 9000!!” shirt. Specially because you will find a massive contingent of anime fans who also profess to adore experienced wrestling.

Rousey has been a fan for quite a although, even though. She did a wonderful job interview back in 2013 with Fight Hub the place she talked about her prolonged-time obsession with Dragon Ball Z, and her big cartoon crush on Vegeta.